The Tin Barn Site

The Tin Barn location on our family farm is the primary sales location and greenhouse site.   
The address is 7405 Dixie Bee Line Highway (US Highway 41)

Sign at the road

Bernardino planting seedlings

Blooms in the greenhouse

More greenhouse blooms

Barnardino in the fields

Greenhouses at the Tin Barn site


We sell on the farm at Tin Barn from April through October. Visits are by appointment except on Saturdays in June and July. We will be open from 8 AM until 3 PM on Saturdays from early June until the end of July. Peak bloom usually comes in mid June.

       We ship: April through October

      Other products: Blueberries and Blackberries at Tin Barn in June and July.

       Prepicked berries are by appointment.  

       You-pick berries are on Saturdays only.