The New Introductions Collection includes all 10 of our newest creations for $1120. This is a $1400 value with a $280 savings.  

From our Previous Introductions we have 2 collections:


The Beginner’s Collection includes 8 hearty performers picked by us with a total value of over $425 for $325 plus $24 shipping for a Savings of over $100.


The Collector’s Collection includes 8 special daylilies picked by us that have been introduced within the last 4 years. This is a value of over $600 for $450 plus $24 shipping for a savings of over $150.


Both collections include full form and unusual form plants unless you prefer different. Remember we specialize in big fancy edge plants with more than just a pretty face. They perform well and are all fertile both ways. Each plant has 2 or more fans.


For the “I don’t care about a name” collectors, we have 3 collections with plants from our special evaluation gardens:

Pink and Purples

Assorted Pastels

All mixed up

Each of these 3 collections includes 10 plants with 3 or more fans for $100 plus $24 shipping.


$14 shipping charges have been added to the price when adding to the PayPal Cart. PayPal automatically charges $10 shipping and the collections are $24 to ship.


Collections do not include bonus plants.


Collections make great gifts!