2014 Introductions
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Trenton Barbara
$150 SF
Trenton Big Mama
$150 SF
Trenton Double Pink
$100 DF
Trenton Eye Spy
$150 SF
Trenton Gold Moth
$150 SF
Trenton Many Faces
$150 SF
Trenton Mint Fizz
$150 SF
Trenton Roger Hooper
$150 SF
Trenton Thorny Melon
$125 DF
Trenton Trenches
$125 SF

All 10 2014 Introductions for $1120!! A Savings of $280

Description Abbreviation Season, Height, Bloom Size, Ploidy, Foliage, Rebloom, Fragrance
Seasons E=Early EM=EarlyMid M=Mid ML=MidLate L=Late VL=VeryLate
Ploidy Tet=Tetraploid Dip=Diploid
Foliage Dor=Dormant, SEV = Semi-evergreen, EVR = Evergreen
Rec means it is a rebloomer
Frag means it has a fragrance